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Aerith_Gainsborough_Final_Fantasy_Dissidia_PapercraftCharacter Description:

Aerith Gainsborough is a bonus character in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. She makes a cameo appearance as a down-loadable Assist-only character and a tutor for those who purchase Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy. In Prologus, she gives advice on how to play and signs off by announcing her inclusion in the main game as an Assist-only character.

Aerith was added to the game when it was decided there would be an Assist-only bonus character, and discussion began on who it should be. Aerith was chosen from her high ranking in a Square Enix member character survey and because her status as an Assist-only character meant her relative lack of close combat abilities could be overlooked.

Aerith’s default costume is identical to her original Final Fantasy VII appearance; a shin-length pink summer dress that buttons up at the front, with red lining and worn under a red bolero jacket. In addition to brown boots, she wears metal braces on her wrists, and the lower portion of the dress is left unbuttoned to allow for easier movement.

Despite being an Assist-only character, Aerith has her own set of alternate outfits, both of which are unlocked immediately after transferring data from Prologus into the main game.

Character Appears in:

  • The Final Fantasy franchise.

Character Pictures:

Download Description:

This free download-able paper-craft template is distributed in the next layout: PDF (Document) and the file-size is approximately 9 MB. This paper-craft template is compressed in a standard ZIP file format. Instruction or guideline in order to build this paper-craft is included.

Download Template:

Aerith Gainsborough – Dissidia – Template

Additional Information and References:

All the credit belong to the creator/designer/builder of this paper-craft model. The source of the character information can be found here: External Link

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